This is how much the French President earns in a month

While visiting a local school in the French city of Marseille, a pupil asked President Macron how much salary he gets to run the country. His answer was shockingly straightforward.

This is how much the French President earns in a month
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The French President is currently visiting Marseille, which is located in the very southern part of France, to announce his vast plans for the city. On September 2, he took some time out to visit a school in the northern district and met up with the fellow students for a quick question and answer session. Children are notorious for having no boundaries, and one even outrightly asked him how much he makes as the President of France.

Q & A session with the President

The little children from L'école Bouge had a hoard of questions to ask the President, ranging from the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, to vaccinations, and even his meeting with French YouTubers McFly and Carlito. At the end of the session, one child asked him, ‘How much money do you earn?’ His question received giggles from his classmates and teachers, but Macron answered it regardless. He said:

Well, I make... It's not a state secret, it's public! As president of the Republic, before the levy at source, I make about 13,500, I think.
That must be 8,500 euros a month.

Macron’s monthly salary

So there you have it. Before reducing the taxes, Macron gets €13,500 which is around £11,500. After deduction, it comes to almost £7,000.

The rest of the conversation was captured by BFMTV, in which the President admitted that it 'seems like a lot.'

But afterwards, with the deduction at the source, it must be 8,500 euros per month. That's about it, you see. But the information is public.