They Bought This Bowl For Less Than £3 At A Jumble Sale And It Turned Them Into Millionaires

This family in New York bought a bowl at a yard sale for just 3 dollars (just over £2) in 2007. They then discovered the incredible origin for this bowl and sold it on in 2013 at auction for a price that will surprise you…

Although there’s not much chance you’ll come across such a rare item like this at a jumble sale, it is sometimes possible and it’s really surprising when it happens. This is exactly what happened to this family from New York who bought a bowl for 3 dollars without wondering where it came from.

They realized years later that this bowl was about 1000 years old and came from China. It dates back to the Song dynasty and the only other model is being housed in the British Museum in London. The origin of this bowl was discovered by experts from Sotheby in London when the family inquired about it.

The first estimation was that the bowl was worth between 200,000 and 300,000 dollars which was already a pretty hefty sum for the family. However, their surprises didn’t end there, since they later sold it at auction in 2013 for 2.2 million dollars! This very rare object was bought by an art dealer that considered it a true historical gem. So consider doing the same thing as this family, and try to verify where the relics come from that you find at your next jumble sale…

Check out the video to see exactly what the bowl looked like - and pick up some tips for yourself!

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