Forbes List: This Youtube Gamer Made £12.3 Million In 2017

The idea of playing video games for a living is absolutely mad, let alone making millions doing so. One Englishman is living the dream, so much so that he was recently crowned the world’s highest paid Youtube star.

Who would’ve thought that Youtube would become the giant that it is today, allowing people to make a fortune by uploading footage of them sat in front of the tele playing video games? Some may scoff at the thought, but for Daniel Middleton – otherwise known as DanTDM – it’s a reality.

From humble beginnings, Middleton has slowly amassed a following since uploading his first video over five years ago. Thanks to his subscriber and view count, he was able to leave behind his job at Tesco in order to pursue Youtube as a full time endeavour. We’d like to think it’s paid off.

And when we say paid off, we really mean it. To be exact, it paid to the tune of £12.3 million in 2017. Of course not all of that goes into Middleton’s pocket – he has the help of a team in order to make sure his operation goes smoothly. The same could be said about a number of other famous Youtube stars who make their money in a similar way: both PewDiePie (number 6 with £9 million) and Evan Fong (number 2 with £11.6 million) both have an extensive amount of help to ensure their channels stay fresh.

It goes without saying that we’re a wee bit jealous. Fair play, Daniel.

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