Check Your Holiday Spends! This €2 Coin Could Earn You A Sweet £500

We've all been there, coming home from holiday with a load of unspent euros clogging up your wallet. But interestingly enough, there's a certain €2 coin design that could be worth a fortune!

You might not know this but euros are marked differently depending on the country, and each nation has its own coins. These differences don’t change the monetary value of the coin, but some collectors believe otherwise. As is made evident by the value of this limited edition two euro piece that could cost you up to 600 euros!

The Grace Kelly coin

In 2007, the Principality of Monaco released 20,001 limited edition copies that were stamped with the profile of Grace Patricia Kelly, the wife of Prince Rainier III. The coin was in honour of the so-called Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco and they only made a small number of copies, making them a real treasure for coin experts. Destroying them is out of the question!

A treasure in your wallet

So when you're coming home from holiday this summer, keep an eye on the face side of your 2€ coins. If you see one with a woman’s face that mentions “Monaco”, you are in possession of an object that specialists estimate to be worth more than €600. That’s 300 times its monetary value, making it quite a considerable profit.

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