Check Out Mark Zuckerberg's Incredible New £45 Million Home

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, recently splashed out an astonishing amount on a new home for him and his family. Check out the video for a quick look at the mansion!

Check Out Mark Zuckerberg's Incredible New £45 Million Home
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Launched in 2004, Facebook quickly became essential to the daily lives of the majority of our fellow citizens. In 2017, Alexa, a company responsible for providing statistics on internet traffic worldwide, placed Facebook as the third most visited website by Internet users, after Google and Youtube.

Behind one of the most popular social networks of all time, is a man, Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook's CEO is one of the richest men in the world therefore it was far from a shocked when he forked out a fortune on his new home.

Recently, he and his wife bought an incredible house worth $ 59 million, about 52 million euros. A luxury property in the city of Tahoe City, California. For this astronomical amount of money, Mark Zuckerberg and his partner got two houses, for a total of more than 2000 square meters of living space.

A little gem, which you can discover in the photographs in the video above.