UFC: throwback to when Kevin Lee took out Gregor Gillespie with an enormous KO

Kevin Lee was on the UFC 244 main card in New York’s Madison Square Garden, taking Gregor Gillespie out via head kick. He was OUT COLD!

UFC 244: Lee vs Gillespie

It was a risky move for Kevin Lee to face Gregor Gillespie, who was undefeated before entering the octagon in New York's Madison Square Garden, where he had lost three of his last four fights. After a poor debut in the welterweight category against Rafael Dos Anjos, the ‘Motown Phenom’ made a perfect comeback in the lightweight category by sending Gregor Gillespie to the ground.

The first few minutes of the fight hinted at it being a long one, with the two fighters staying in relatively close quarters. Kevin Lee then decided otherwise. The 27-year-old American went with a combination of a right hand to the temple, and a head kick from the left, which ended up being a bull’s eye. A combo that meant lights out for Gillespie. This performance was the apparent return of Kevin Lee, who now trains at the Tristar Gym, which is run by the legendary Georges Saint-Pierre’s coach, Firas Zahabi.

The Motown Phenom

At 27 years of age, Kevin Lee is an integral part of the future of the UFC. If he manages to reach the top, allowing him to compete with the best in his category, the American could well fight for the belt again in a few years. With the lightweight category being one of the densest in the organisation, he will have to be patient.

A professional since 2012, Kevin Lee's record includes victories over talented opponents such as Edson Barboza and Michael Chiesa. His latest match was against Charles Oliveira in the UFC Brasilia main event on the 14th of March, which he lost by submission.

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