UFC Releases New Footage Of The Brawl That Broke Out Between The Nurmagomedov And McGregor Camps (VIDEO)

UFC made the most of their promo for the fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier to reveal footage that had been filmed during the free-for-all that took place in the stands between the Russian and Conor McGregor’s camps at UFC 229.

We thought that we’d heard and seen everything relating to this unexpected fight that broke out on the side-lines at UFC 229.

After months of increasingly violent provocation and particularly high tensions during Fight Week, the most watched fight in the history of UFC led to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s victory and complete domination of his rival Conor McGregor.

But obliterating his enemy wasn’t enough for the Russian who then tried to take on Dillon Danis, who is close to the Irishman, by provoking him in the stands, causing one of the worst spur-of-the-moment brawls to break out in the history of UFC. Even though it was more of a fear tactic than to actually cause them harm, The Eagle was never able to receive his lightweight belt because of this fight.

New footage released by UFC

Months later, the two men have served their suspensions, and all this seems to be behind them, although Conor McGregor decided to debrief us recently and Nurmagomedov says whenever he can that this rivalry is far from over.

While we wait to find out for sure though, Khabib will be going up against a previous victim of The Notorious, Dustin Poirier, a valiant fighter who has had an impressive second half of his career as a lightweight fighter.

The organisation has started their traditional Countdown in the stands at the UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi where the men will be facing off on Saturday 7th September.

And, to our surprise, we were lucky enough to see some completely new footage of this famous brawl that broke out during UFC 229. In this footage, we can see Khabib Nurmagomedov in particular getting into it with his training partner and friend Daniel Cormier, who was really trying to calm him down and prevent things from spiralling further out of control. We’ll now let you enjoy this new footage.

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