The Rock explained the meaning behind his most intimidating tattoo!

The Hollywood star explained the hidden meaning behind one of his most impressive tattoos.

The Rock, wrestler turned actor

Former wrestler turned Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson (whose father, unfortunately, passed away recently), alias The Rock, consistently makes sure his body is in tip-top shape. His body is a temple in the physical sense, but also the spiritual one, as he proves with his tattoos, whose impressive aesthetics often hide deep meaning as well.

Tattoos with hidden meaning

The Rock proved his commitment to his ink once again in 2018 by covering an old tattoo on his left shoulder, which represented a small bull's head seen from the front. He had to commit to a huge 30 hours of work, spread over 4 sessions, in order to replace this bull with a huge new tattoo: that of a skeletal bulls head, looking much more intimidating than his old tattoo.

The Rock recently explained the meaning behind this tattoo. The horns are still pointing forwards, representing forward progress. As for the eye, it represents the mana: spirit and power. The Rock places a particular importance on mana:

It’s everything. It’s where I draw my strength from all things I love and protect. As with my Polynesian tattoo on the left side of my body, the symbolic mana lays over my heart.
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