Shakira Shocks Everyone With Her Incredible Right Hook

The Colombian singer surprised everyone with her natural boxing skills. You don't want to miss this, do you?

Shakira Shocks Everyone With Her Incredible Right Hook
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No matter what she does, everyone is always talking about the singer, and a few days ago, she left everyone speechless when she was spotted enjoying a day at the beach with Gerard Piqué and her children, with no makeup on. Now, she's done it again, with this footage that suggests boxing just might be her thing.

During a visit Shakira made to Miami Police, she took the opportunity to prove that she could easily make a living in the ring. "Shakira's hook does not lie," Miami Police posted on their Twitter account.

It's clear that the Colombian singer isn't afraid of anything and is always willing to try new things, which delights her fans, because most of them probably didn't think Shakira could have such a strong right hook.

Are you shocked by this new facet of Shakira? Well, don't miss the video, where you can see her in all her glory! Shakira will never stop surprising us. Piqué sure is lucky!

Source: Marca

Image: Getty