Petr Yan Scored A Brutal KO Win Over The Legendary Urijah Faber

In the UFC 245's main-card opener, Petr Yan scored a knockout win against hall of famer Urijah Faber in the third and last round.

"No Mercy"

In last Saturday's UFC 245 main-card opener, Petr Yan dominated the action in his fight against the legendary Urijah Faber, whom he may have just sent into retirement.

The Russian mixed martial artist shook up the bantamweight division, confirming once more that he deserves his spot among the elite. He could very well get a shot at the title in his weight class next year.

Petr Yan is most definitely one of the UFC's most promising fighters. At just 26 years old, he remains undefeated in Dana White's organization. He was ruthless during the entire match against UFC hall of fame Urijah Faber.

With impressive ease, he sent Faber, who struggled to fight back when they were standing, on the ground several times. In the third and last round, Yan finished his opponent with a head kick knockout.

A kick that spoiled the California Kid's title hopes. Indeed, it sent him straight to the ground and he was immediately stopped by the referee. A loss that pretty much ruined his UFC comeback and could actually make him reconsider his decision to come out of retirement. Given that he's already in the Hall of Fame, Faber has nothing left to prove. He's already made MMA history.

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