MMA Fighter Xu Xiadong Takes On A Kung Fu Master In The Ultimate Fight

Discover the beautiful story of Xu Xiaodong, an MMA fighter who proved the superiority of MMA compared to the ancient martial arts.

If you are fond of the unusual stories that surround the beautiful sport that is the MMA, you probably know about Xu Xiaodong from China. If you do not know this brilliant man, don’t worry, we’ll enlighten you. Xu, his first name, is an athlete who committed to proving a few years ago that a solid training in MMA is more effective to defend yourself than knowledge in the ancient martial arts like Tai Chi, which turned out to be quite the struggle. From this perspective, he confronted masters from different ancient disciplines, and usually defeated them.

His latest victim is a Kung Fu master, named Tien Ye, who is 56 years old. The fight took place under the rules of kickboxing, and was possible thanks to an incredible offer from a Chinese magnate. £3.8 million was promised to the Kung Fu master in case of victory, and £2.5 million in case of defeat. An offer that Tien Ye obviously could not refuse.

From the first exchanges of blows, Xu lets his opponent hit him in order to show his superiority. From the moment he decided to in turn start attacking, the fight took a new turn. Xu dominated, hitting Ye and bloodying his face quickly enough. The debate ended with a flying knee, achieved with the greatest tranquility.

Another fight that proved Xu Xiadong's theory.

Check out the video above to see the extraordinary fight for yourself...

What happens when a Taï Chi master goes up against an MMA fighter What happens when a Taï Chi master goes up against an MMA fighter