McGregor Vs Masvidal: Is An Epic Fight About To Take Place?

It seems Conor McGregor could in fact be returning to the ring in 2020 to fight Jorge Masvidal. This amazing fight could soon be officially announced.

Masvidal vs McGregor?

‘I’ll go at anyone on that list’: as Conor recently said on Twitter to promote his potential upcoming fight against Jorge Masvidal. With his return to the ring in 2020 is in sight, Conor McGregor and the UFC will soon be announcing the name of the man who will be sharing the ring with the Irishman. Recently on Twitter, he posted a list of his future possible opponents, of which Jorge Masvidal is top of that list.

By announcing that he is prepared to fight anyone on this list, Conor McGregor has since incurred the wrath of ‘GamebredFighter’, who didn’t take long to respond: ‘Put your money where your mouth is I’m the only 1.’ The invitation was clear and suggests that their dispute will hopefully soon be settled in the octagon. There’s no doubt that a fight between these two men will generate a lot of business and attention for Dana White and the UFC both in the financial and sporting sense, so it really is more than plausible.

‘GamebredFighter’ in all his glory

During the press conference that took place after his match at the UFC 244, Jorge Masvidal, with a slice of pizza in hand, talked about the possibility of an upcoming fight against the organisation’s former two-time champion. But according to the Miami native, Conor McGregor may not be worthy of him:

‘Some of you motherf**kers are mean because you know what the f**k I’ll do to that little dude, bro. He’s a f**king midget. Dana White, the president of this company, said I’m too much man for him. I get it why people want to see him hurt for the stunts he’s been pulling, but he doesn’t want this s**t. […] You see he punches old people in the face because those are the fights he could win.’

An expert’s opinion

Georges St-Pierre’s legendary trainer, Firas Zahabi, has also recently spoken about this potential match, saying he thinks Jorge Masvidal would win if the fight was to reach the second round:

‘I honestly would tell you that probably McGregor is the best puncher in the UFC. However, there are guys out there who are very dangerous, and I would say Jorge is among the elite. I think (Masvidal) beats McGregor. I think McGregor is a great fighter. I just think Masvidal is too big. He’s a great puncher and has a great chin. If he takes McGregor past the two rounds, it’s going to be the Masvidal show.’

So, Mcgregor vs Masvidal in 2020?

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