KSI And Logan Paul Go All Out In Their Boxing Rematch

After six three-minute rounds, KSI took scored a split-decision victory against Logan Paul in their rematch. But a lot of people are unhappy with this decision.

A controversial decision

YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul entered the ring for the second time, at the prestigious Staples Center in Los Angeles, on Saturday evening. A rematch to put an end to a rivalry that began more than two years ago. No helmets this time, though.

Both men stepped into the ring as professional boxers. A major change, which could have made the fight take a turn for the worse.

In a strong opening, the two Internet celebrities repeatedly clinched but didn't manage to clearly and precisely hit their targets. An oddly intriguing and entertaining fight, with a knockdown on each side.

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who gets this mad over math

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The turning point in the fight was without the shadow of a doubt Logan Paul's two-point deduction, following two illegal hits after the not so impressive knockdown. Two points that tipped the scales.

After six three-minute rounds, the official judges granted KSI a split-decision victory (56-55, 57-54, 54-56). A victory that fans of the American vlogger, who consider that the two-point deduction was unjustified, have disputed.

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Despite the disappointment, Logan Paul, headline's favourite, paid tribute to his opponent, after the latter shook his hand for the first time. A rivalry that ended on a respectful note. We appreciate the fair play of this match.

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