Karate Combat League Kicks Off With An Incredible Knockout

Karate Combat League Kicks Off With An Incredible Knockout

The Karate Combat League is starting to make a name for itself, and its KOs are something else!

We thought we already knew all of our sources of KOs with MMA, boxing and muay thai. Well, it turns out we were wrong!  The Karate Combat League offers its big breakout, providing us with more and more explosive endings. For an example, look no further than the fight between Quayhagen vs. Ibrahim. Spoiler alert: this one did not go to a decision.

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After some very violent first exchanges, it was obvious that this fight was going to end with an enormous knockout. The match saw its end by the hands of Ibrahim who delivered a vicious left square on the chin of Quayhagen that left him down and out for the count. The two combattants didn’t leave the ring before giving each other a hug, a sign of respect that is an integral part of Karate values.

It turns out that Ibrahim is tough as nails. We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on him, as well as on Karate Combat. One thing is for sure: some incredible fights are still to come.

• Kim Scott
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