Irving Amaya: MMA Star's Horrendous Injury Leaves Him Requiring Immediate Surgery

Mexican MMA star Irving Amaya suffered a horrendous injury recently during a match in Mexico City. WARNING: graphic images.

22-year-old Mexican athlete Irving Amaya suffered a horrific injury in his most recent fight at the Juan De La Barrera arena the Mexican capital. The injury was similar to that of Brazilian MMA fighter Anderson Silva who had more than a year out after his injury.

The shocking fracture happened when the Mexican MMA fighter went to execute a short kick on his opponent, Jose Calvo. After trying to return to his original position, he lost his balance and fell to the ground, shattering both his tibia and fibula. After the incident Amaya was rushed to a hospital to undergo immediate surgery. According to the Mexican Newspaper El Rock Tagono, the surgery took 3 hours!

According to the head doctor, the athlete will be able to walk again in one to two months. His return to the octagon could be as soon as six months but is more likely to happen next year. Speaking of his injury, Amaya said ‘I feel positive, I feel good and I know that I will recover’. He went on to say ‘I never felt that I could stop fighting I have a strong mind and I know that I will recover and fight again. I will not abandon the dreams I have and where I want to go’.

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