Francis Ngannou And Tyson Fury Trash-Talked Each Other On Twitter

After announcing his MMA debut, Tyson Fury attracted the wrath of one of the most monstrous heavyweights in the game, Francis Ngannou.

The Predator vs The Gypsy King

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine Francis Ngannou climbing into the octagon to join Tyson Fury, for the main event in UFC 275. You don't believe it? Neither do we. However, since the Money Fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor occured, even the wildest dreams now seem possible.

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Hold that you big dosser!!

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After announcing his MMA debut in the coming months, Tyson Fury immediately laid down the gauntlet. Stipe Miocic, Francis Ngannou, the British giant wants to take them all on. These words immediately triggered a reaction from one of the world's most impressive fighters, Francis Ngannou. He then responded to the Gypsy King on Twitter.

‘Spoke with Mike Tyson and he agreed to train me for when I fight @Tyson_Fury in the Ring. Don’t be scared Fury. You called me out and now you'll have to live with it'

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Over 3 months ago now since my last fight 🤔

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Of course, the Gypsy King is not a man who steps down from a verbal showdown. He also got online to answer the Frenchman, promising to teach him a lesson when the time came, i.e. after having ended his boxing career. A promise that is already making us drool.

‘I’ll deal with you and all the other MMA heavyweights when I’m done with my boxing fights, It won’t be long to wait! Then I’ll show u how we roll'

Objectively, we will not see the two heavyweights entering the octagon together for at least a few years. Tyson Fury is still looking for a unification of the heavyweight titles, and Francis Ngannou is campaigning for his rematch against Stipe Miocic. However, one can dream.

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