UFC Flashback: the fastest knockout of Jon Jones' career

Last time we saw MMA legend Jon Jones grace the octagon was during the main event of UFC 247 where he claimed a victory against Dominick Reyes, breaking the record for title fight wins in UFC history. Speaking of records, let's take a look at Jones' career record for quickest KO.

USFL War in the Woods 3: Jones vs Verrett

On May 9th, 2008, Jon Jones was about to take on Ryan Verrett in Ledyard, Connecticut in his fourth professional match. A young Jones was hot off a 3 win streak and was looking to keep the streak alive with a victory over Verrett.

And as you may already know, he extended that streak once again with a win over Verrett in dominant fashion in what is still to this day the fastest knockout of his career. In fact, it took just 14 seconds for the GOAT to finish the fight. He knocked Verrett out with a huge right hand before the ref called the fight. Check out the video above for the full fight.

Jon ‘Bones’ Jones

With that fight, Jon Jones provided more proof that cemented him as being at a level above the competition. As the youngest champion in UFC history at 23 years and 242 days, nobody has yet been able to claim a win over Jones (that is, unless you count the DQ loss against Hamill). Jones seems to be able to adapt to any style of fighter, finding a flaw in each new challenger.

While there is a constant debate over who is the best fighter of all time, Jones in the meantime has victories over such heavy hitters as Lyoto Machida, Quinton Jackson, Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort, Alexander Gustafsson, and Daniel Cormier. Without his run-ins with the law and suspicions of doping, there is no doubt that Jon Jones would have already ended the debate concerning the identity of the GOAT.

March 26 DWI Arrest

On March 26, 2020, Jon Jones was pulled over by police in Albuquerque, New Mexico following reports of gunshots in the area in the early hours of the morning. During the check, the Albuquerque Police Department officer found an open bottle of alcohol as well as firearm beneath the driver's seat and spent casings in and around the car.

He was subsequently arrested for a suspected DWI. The Gun Violence Reduction Unit in Albuquerque is currently testing the firearm and casings to determine whether or not they were used in any crime.

It seems as though there is one man in the UFC that can take down Jon Jones - Jorge Masvidal. The bottle of alcohol found in the driver's seat was a bottle of Recuerdo, Masvidal's brand of mezcal.

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