Conor McGregor opens up about his comeback and how his new mindset will lead him to the top

As a former two-time UFC champion, Conor McGregor has recently opened up about his recent return to the octagon and the ring.

The return of the Irishman

During the main event of UFC 246 in January, Conor McGregor put on an incredible performance to mark his return to the octagon when he obliterated 'Cowboy' Donald Cerrone in just 40 seconds flat after showcasing some impressive shoulder strikes and a devastating head kick that lead to a TKO victory. This performance will most likely give him a big boost after his unfortunate defeat against reigning lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov back at UFC 229 in October 2018.

For McGregor, the goal is clear: to win back his championship belt and get revenge on the Russian that took it from him. To do this, the Notorious might have to first fight another challenger, which is shaping up to be Justin Gaethje. When interviewed by Bleacher Report, the former two-time UFC champion opened up about his return to the ring:

The fans deserve to see and hear the real me. I am very passionate and eager to please the fans and win for them and my family. I am willing to fight anyone and have proved that time and time again. I look for a good scrap, and if it isn’t going to be that, I have no interest. The money is not why I do this. I will be in the Octagon again soon and fully expect to box again. You will need to stay tuned, but trust me - the fans will enjoy. Giving them what they want and entertaining them is important to me.

So, as the rumours say, Conor McGregor could be making his big comeback this summer to take on Justin Gaethje. Gaethje is known for his impressive chin and his ability to absorb blows (with his forehead no less). If McGregor wants to keep the fight standing, Gaethje will have no problem keeping it up. This fight will most likely be a show-stealer and will give the fans the impressive show that they’re hoping for.

That is if the current worldwide coronavirus outbreak doesn't end up putting a dent in the Irishman's short-term plans first...

UFC Flashback: Conor McGregor’s Spectacular TKO in His UFC Debut UFC Flashback: Conor McGregor’s Spectacular TKO in His UFC Debut