After winning the fight this Japanese MMA competitor attacks the referee

This historic battle of two Japanese MMA competitors is perhaps one of the most memorable in the sport. After a contest that finished before it could even get started, nobody could have predicted what happened next. Watch our video for a full rundown of the crazy events.

Back in 2010, MMA fans had the benefit of witnessing a true contest between two great Japanese athletes. Takeo Shiina took on Jung Hyun Lee who was making his professional debut in the sport. But it didn’t take long for Lee to show how his inexperience in the professional game, can get you into trouble. It’s clear that the young contender was not ready for the ring.

In a contest that resembled that of a Jean Claude Van Damme Film, Lee, the debutant tried his luck in attempting to push his opponent. But, Shiina quickly knocked out the defenceless Lee. But the moves just didn’t just stop there.

After knocking his opponent clean out leaving him lying on the canvas, Takeo Shiina launched a relentless attack on Lee. While he lay there unable to hit back, Shiina continued to land punch after punch. Not even the referee could stop the attack who was equally injured as he tried to intervene. It wasn’t until Shiina’s corner jumped in and physically restrained him that the massacre stopped.

A truly crazy fight that is sure to go down as one of the most memorable in MMA history.

Check out the video above to see the bizarre brawl for yourself!

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