There's A New Feature In These First Class Suites That Takes Flying To A Whole New Level

Are you not the sociable type? A big cheese, are you not afraid of paying the top price? So much the better, as the First Class offers of some companies are presenting a new advantage: cutting yourself off completely from the world.

Isolation is the new luxury for travelling. The company Emirates has pushed this saying to the extreme with its new aerial suites, built for passengers who wish to spend the entirety of their flight completely cut off from the world.

According to Emirates, who revealed the design of their ‘First Class cabins’ at the Dubai Airshow 2017, these are the ‘first completely closed [suites] thanks to their sliding doors that extend right up to the cabin’s ceiling’.

Multi-functioning isolation

Even if their most emphasised aspect remains intimacy, the cabins measuring 3.7 square metres are also equipped with an impressive number of state-of-the-art gadgets. With a communicating window system to deliver food, and even a built-in minibar, First Class passengers do not even need to physically interact with the crew. For this, there is the ‘Room Service’ programme, which allows you to directly communicate your wishes to the hostesses and stewards via video calls on a 32-inch HD screen. But, for those who would like the bare minimum of human presence, they can also request it.

The suites situated in the centre of the plane are equipped with virtual windows that broadcast the exterior view live. In short, as you will have gathered, the first class is designed to keep you very comfortable and away from everything else (except perhaps when it is time to go to the toilet). These First Class suites are built into the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A380 models.

How flying first class has evolved over the years How flying first class has evolved over the years