Why the workweek may soon become just 4 days long

In New Zealand, you can work less to earn more! One company has taken it upon itself to make its employees work for four days while paying them for five. And guess what? Everyone is delighted!

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Perpetual Guardian, a company specialising in fund management based in New Zealand, has recently carried out an interesting experiment with its employees. The company offered them a four-day workweek for which they would receive five days’ pay.

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It was a real godsend for the 240 employees who took part in the test. The aim of this experiment? To understand the impact of better working conditions on the health and morale of the staff. As you may or may not have expected, Andrew Barnes, the director of the company, had only positive things to report from this initiative.

While the previous November 54% of staff felt they had a satisfactory work-life balance, after the test period, the percentage increased to 78%. The scientists at Auckland University, who collected several findings for the test, also saw employee stress levels reduced by 7% and personal satisfaction increased by 5%.

Encouraged by these great results, the manager of the company is planning to apply this new way of working to all of his employees. ‘Are you likely to get fewer mental health issues when you have more time to take care of yourself and your personal interests — probably!’ says Andrew Barnes in The Guardian.

Here's hoping this model catches on - who wouldn't want a three-day weekend every week!?

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