Masturdating: What is it and why it is good for you?

Masturdating is a great source of recreation for an individual. We all need our 'alone time' sometimes, so here's why you should indulge in this practice.

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We all want to be loved and appreciated, this is the reason why most people would gladly be in a relationship rather than be single.

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However, what happens when you’re single for an indefinite period of time, should you keep mourning the last relationship with your ex or won’t you rather look on the bright side and do something new.

Well, you should learn to love yourself too, and one way you can do that is by taking yourself out.

According to Urban Dictionary, masturdating is defined as simply ‘going out alone.’ Here's why it is highly recommended for you.

You have time for personal reflection

Life means working countless hours (at a place you may or may not like) for a check that has 10 percent (but most likely more) going toward taxes and 70 percent going toward bills.

Yeah, life can be a beautiful butterfly, carelessly fluttering through green pastures alongside an instance of beautiful spring elegance.

However, life can also be a pestering gnat terrorizing your summer family picnic, crawling on your food and in your drink, accompanied by a million others solely intended to disrupt your peace.

So, as life throws its ups and downs, we should always find an escape from reality, and a moment for deep, solo pondering.

Is there a better way to do this than to pick up the car keys, leave the house and drive to a predetermined destination for some well-deserved solitude?

Go see a comedy movie, treat yourself to a fancy restaurant, or even journal thoughts at the nearest park.

Do anything to personally reflect on this God-given blessing called 'life.' You’ll discover a certain peace that surpasses always having someone around.

You're awarded some much-needed rest

Let’s face it: You’re tired—really tired. According to a Gallup poll, nearly 40 percent of Americans get less than the recommended amount of sleep (8 hours), and adults under the age of 50 are most likely sleep-deprived.

We all know sleep is important, and in an environment where 'more work, less sleep' is required, it is difficult to experience a good night’s rest.

Having a night to yourself with Netflix playing in the background as you lay your head on a comfy pillow and catch up on some z's would be greatly beneficial.

However, there are instances when you just need to be alone from it all. Masturdating provides just that.

Treat yourself—by yourself, for yourself and with yourself. Masturdating isn’t always bad, so don’t view it as such.

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