Female doctors share bikini photos on social media to protest sexist study

Female doctors have been posting photos of themselves in bikinis on social media in protest a sexist study that has since been retracted.

Female doctors share bikini photos on social media to protest sexist study
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Female doctors share bikini photos on social media to protest sexist study

Would photos of scantily-clad doctors tarnish the image of the profession? Well, that’s what a study published in the American Journal of Vascular Surgery has claimed. After looking at the social media pages of young vascular surgeons, the researchers, mostly men, concluded that a lot of the content on these pages photos of the women in bikinis or with a drink in their hand could be considered ‘unprofessional behaviour.’

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Dr Bikini 👙will save your life in the middle of the Ocean when you get hit by a boat. I will take you out of the ocean on a surfboard turned into a backboard, tie off your exsanguinating wound with my rash guard, take you to my under equipped urgent care, stabilize you in 1 hour with an IV, oxygen, morphine, fluids, Foley, and put your open femur fracture in Bucks traction, fly you by helicopter to a local hospital, order and interpret all the labs, xrays, CT scans, suture/staple all your wounds, splint your clavicle/ humerus and scapula fractures,sedate you, put a chest tube in your 5 rib fractured hemopneumothorax and fly you by jet to a specialty hospital in another country....all in my you guessed it 👙 I am an Emergency Medicine Physician standing in solidarity with female vascular surgeons today. NEWSFLASH: FEMALE DOCTORS CAN WEAR WHATEVER THEY WANT. ⁣ Female doctors, nurses, NPs/PAs, all healthcare professionals - we can wear a bikini, a dress, or we can wear scrubs. This does not change how good we are at being a healthcare provider. We can wear WHATEVER we want on our free time, and still save your life. Sexism in medicine is alive and well. But we won’t let that stop us. In this ridiculous article published in a well respected medical journal, the vascular surgery authors sought out to determine how many vascular surgeons had participated in what they state is “inappropriate social media behavior”, which they defined as FEMALES IN BIKINIS - BUT GET THIS: NOT MEN IN BATHING SUITS.  Other topics considered “inappropriate” were Halloween costumes (should I take down my pregnant nun costume?) GUN CONTROL and politics.  The “study” was written by 3 men who created fake social media accounts to spy on applicants. My dad who was a triple boarded cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon would not approve of their study. Especially since he liked gardening in a speedo. Women in medicine: whether you’re a nurse, medical student, resident, an attending, post your favorite bikini pic/dress pic/halloween pic/anything today and tag me, and #medbikini . We have to drown out the sexism in medicine and keep it moving. It’s 2020 people. Sexism is cancelled.

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Extracts of the study that were posted on Twitter say.

Unprofessional social media content not only reflects poorly on the individual, but also the medical profession as a whole.

The study has also classed ‘holding/consuming alcohol, wearing ‘inappropriate attire’ (including ‘underwear, provocative Halloween costumes, and provocative posing in bikinis/swimwear’), sharing censored profanity, and/or posts with ‘controversial political, religious or social commentary (including comments about ‘specific stances on abortion and gun control’)’ to be inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour as well. Not long after it was published, the article had sparked a wave of outrage among female doctors.

Doctors put on their bikinis in protest

To protest this study, which lots of people consider overwhelmingly sexist, several doctors decided to post photos of themselves in bikinis on social media. Candice Myrhre, a doctor who practices in Hawaii, even launched the hashtag #MedBikini to encourage her sisters to follow suit.

It didn’t take long for lots of other female doctors to follow her example and dozens have since posted photos of themselves in bikinis in protest of the study. As CNN reported, in light of how huge the study and the movement became, the Journal of Vascular Surgery has since retracted its study.

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