COVID-19: Macron's health is 'stable' but being closely monitored

A close friend reveals that Macron is suffering from a 'severe form' of COVID-19. However, his health is not a cause for concern at the moment.

After being diagnosed with COVID-19, Macron's health is 'stable'
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After being diagnosed with COVID-19, Macron's health is 'stable'

What are the latest updates on French President Emmanuel Macron's health? Not long after the Élysée Palace announced that Macron tested positive for COVID-19, chief doctor Jean-Christophe Perrochon gave a reassuring update on his health on 19 December.

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According to a press release, the French President's state of health is 'stable.' He is still experiencing the same, common COVID-19 symptoms—fatigue, headaches and dry cough, which have not stopped him from fulfilling his duties, although activities have 'slowed down,' admitted Macron on Friday in a 3-minute video filmed on a smartphone and published on social networks.

A 'severe form' of COVID-19?

Even though results from health exams are reassuring, the President's entourage is continuing to monitor his health closely. Friends and relatives have observed symptoms, but are not worried for his health. A relative said:

He has an acute form of the virus. He is experiencing stiffness, headaches and a blocked nose. He is very tired.

Isolated but still working

The French President, who may have contracted the virus during a European Council in Brussels on 10 and 11 December, is currently in isolation in the outskirts of Paris, in a city called la Lanterne.

He is continuing to work remotely. Prime Minister Jean Castex was also forced to isolate. The French President's wife Brigitte Macron is doing well and has tested negative for the virus.

COVID-19: Macron is experiencing severe symptoms COVID-19: Macron is experiencing severe symptoms