Getting Paid To Be Stroked For £30 Per Hour

Are you sporting a thick beard for the winter season? You’re in luck – one company is looking for bearded candidates for their pop up, and are willing to pay you £30/hour.

Getting Paid To Be Stroked For £30 Per Hour
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The holiday season is a stressful one. No one enjoys the panic of last minute Christmas shopping in a packed shopping centre amongst the crowds. One company named Mo Bros is looking to make the experience a little more enjoyable for us, and the secret to their success is facial hair.

Mo Bros will be setting up their beard stroking station in Highcross Leicester in the coming week leading up to Christmas, and are on the lookout for men sporting a “Santa-esque” beard with at least 2 inches in length. Of course, applicants need not apply should they feel uncomfortable having their facial hair stroked by droves of strangers for days on end. We never said the job would come easy.

Stroking hair is therapeutic

According to studies, the act of stroking a beard is one such method of releasing oxytocin within the body – a hormone responsible for bringing about pleasure and reducing anxiety. It’s through this revelation that Mo Bros came up with their idea for their beard stroking station.

Potential attendees shouldn’t expect to just walk in and immediate start caressing beards. Mo Bros requires all potential “strokers” to register their interest on the official website before arriving. So whether you’re an interested stroker or a potential strokee, head over to their official website to register and apply!