Cadbury Is Looking For Professional Chocolate Tasters

Imagine having the luxury to knock back Freddos all day long. Sounds amazing yeah? Now imagine getting paid for it. This is the job we’ve been waiting for everyone.

It’s hard out here to be a Freddo fan. According to recent projections, the two bite chocolate frog that once cost just 10 pence will hit a staggering 38 pence in the coming years. Nobody’s got that kind of coin to be spending on small chocolate treat, no matter how delicious it is. Luckily for you, we may have found a way for you to eat all the Freddo, as well as other sweet Cadbury chocolate, that your heart desires.

The job of a lifetime

Mondelez International, parent company of many of our favourite brands like Milka and Cadbury, have published a posting on their site looking for a “Chocolate & Cocoa Beverage Taster” and it’s exactly what you think it is. This isn’t a onetime gig either – it’s a permanent part time job. Score.

The job consists of working with a close group of fellow tasters, munching on chocolate and chatting with the group. So more or less this is exactly what you’d be doing with your mates but getting paid for it.

Get your CVs ready

We’ve all run into it when applying for jobs online: somehow an entry level job requires years of experience. However the post for this dream job specifically states that no experience is needed, so that’s a massive plus.

So if you find yourself in the Reading area and have “a passion for confectionary and taste buds for detection”, you can put your refined pallet to the test and apply directly on their official website right now. This one will surely see heaps of applications, so get yours in now!

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