This New Campaign Against Transphobia Delivers An Incredibly Powerful Message

This recently broadcasted campaign hit the television and social networks and has a lot of people talking.

"No parent should prepare his child to face his life rather than live it." This is the slogan of the new awareness campaign against transphobia. In this spot broadcast on television and on social networks, the images are striking and disturbing.

It all starts with a father, who tries to harden his transgender daughter by all means. Forced racing on the road, boxing training, trying to get out of a closed cupboard... scenes that can at first glance seem like a form of violence. This father seems to be very touched by the situation himself.

Transphobic acts at school

But the video shows very quickly behind the scenes. A month earlier, the girl came back from school, crying, with bruises on her face. "It'll be hard, but I'm going to help you, I love you darling," his father told him. A scene that gives a new light at the beginning of the video.

"By relying on the relationship of a father and his trans daughter, the goal of the campaign is to make the general public aware that, without the support of his entourage, a child or teenager. Trans will be very difficult to overcome the hardships of life, including attacks he or she is likely to be a victim in the school,” said Inter-LGBT, in a statement.

A campaign more than necessary, since, according to a survey conducted in 2014, 85% of trans people will be attacked during their lifetime. In schools, reports of "LGBTphobic" acts increased by 38% in 2017, according to the Huffington Post.

This New Advertising Campaign Has Left Internet-Users Speechless This New Advertising Campaign Has Left Internet-Users Speechless