This Man Loves Insects So Much He's Prepared To Do Something Pretty Terrifying...

Are you a fan of insects? Well, Adrian Kozakiewicz will definitely give you the chills. This German twenty-something is very enthusiastic about invertebrates and has even become one of the most important breeders of these insects in Europe.

This insect enthusiast, also known as Insecthaus, loves sharing his passion with some really cool videos that he posts on his YouTube channel. In the footage above, Adrian covers his hand with amazing insects: the Eurycantha calcarata.

What is the Eurycantha calcarata?

Originally from Papua New Guinea, this huge stick insect can measure more than 15 centimetres long. Do you think it’s an amazing creature? Then read the following… A true master of camouflage, the Eurycantha calcarata can disguise itself as a piece of wood, or a bit of bark and it’s very difficult to spot it in nature. The youngest ones are light green, which makes them easily confused with a leaf or a branch. It also looks like a dark brown lobster, don’t you think? A bit like an insect-chameleon, its appearance allows it to go unnoticed around potential predators.


As a victim of appearance-based prejudices, this insect is often wrongly thought to be dangerous. And even if the male sometimes does behave like a scorpion in the way it bends its abdomen, raises its front legs, ready to impale those that dare to disturb it, the stick insect is a lot more harmless than it seems. To get rid of unwelcome visitors, the Eurycantha calcarata has a unique and fearful weapon. It releases a foul smell from its abdomen, like a mini skunk! What’s even more impressive is that even when it’s been devoured by a predator, the stick insect can produce eggs that can withstand the predator’s digestive system, which allows them to hatch once the predator passes them in its droppings! A survival technique that has intrigued numerous biologists.

This insect is quite common and very valued among breeders but don’t worry, it’s a vegetarian since it only feeds on leaves and different vegetation.

Check out the video above to see more for yourself - if you dare...

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