You’ll Be Able To Make Phone Calls With Your Finger In 2018

You’ll Be Able To Make Phone Calls With Your Finger In 2018

This new innovation in connected technology was presented at this year’s CES in Las Vegas is looking to change how we make phone calls.

Korean start-up Innomdle Lab will soon launch a revolutionary connected object called Sgnl. This device will make it possible to make phone calls with just your pointer finger. The technology, embedded within a bracelet, can be adapted to any existing smart phone and even some classic watches to create a hybrid accessory.

All of this is possible thanks to a process of bone conduction. Sound received by the telephone or smart watch is passed through the bracelet’s patented “body conduction unit”. This unit interprets and transmits the vibration data up through your finger, allowing you to communicate solely with your finger pressed against your ear.

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Over 11,000 users on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have financed the project and should be receiving their products by March 2018. The price for one of these devices? 9, or £100. No word yet on when it will see release in Europe.   

Stacey Williams
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