With This Incredible Innovation, Your Brand New Home Could Be Built In Just Two Days

With the housing crisis already haunting the lives of millennials, this Italian architect has developed a brand new concept to revolutionise the housing market!

As more businesses swiftly flock towards the sustainability trend in almost every aspect of our modern lives, this Italian architect has decided to hop on the bandwagon for his latest designs.

This architect has made it possible to build a house on-site in less than a day and the name of the housing genius is Renato Vidal. It has ensured that these are all easily built and assures that each of his models would require just three individuals for the construction process.

The M.A.D.i houses are pre-made in factories before they are flat packed in preparation for transportation. Furthermore, these eco-houses despite quick to build, do not lack stability as they are built strong enough to withstand earthquakes and other natural weather disasters.

The houses come in a variety of sizes to fit each family with prices starting as low as £24.8k. However it is important to keep in mind UK housing regulations before securing a deal as the smallest house falls short of UK housing legislation.

The transportation of the eco-homes is estimated to cost an additional 30% of the original price however despite being a significant percentage, the total cost would still fall well below regular housing prices and moreover these eco-home possess the ability to be entirely self-sufficient.

Watch the video to get a closer look at the sleek design and find out just how quickly one of these could be yours!

Image: GettyImages

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