This NASA Engineer Has Invented A Brilliant Way To Stop Parcel Thieves

After seeing one of his parcels being stolen, a NASA engineer created an object capable of preventing thieves from stealing packages. Indeed, Mark Rober has developed a parcel containing a glitter bomb, which explodes when a person with bad intentions decides to open it.

Stealing parcels is becoming more frequent, especially during the holiday season. To fight against this problem, the Amazon company uses several techniques, including placing a GPS chip in some packages. This is particularly the case in the Jersey City area of ​​the United States, as reported by the CNET website.

A NASA engineer has also offered another solution, whose effectiveness he has demonstrated in a YouTube video. After experiencing a parcel theft, Mark Rober created a glitter bomb to punish potential thieves. The prototype, which has the same appearance as that of of an Apple HomePod box, incorporates a spinning disk that allows the glitter particules to scatter. A smelly spray is triggered at the same time to permanently repel the malicious people.

Mark Rober has also integrated a GPS chip to his parcel bomb, which allows him to track its location but also to start recording a video, so as not to miss the reaction of the thief at the time of the glitter bomb’s explosion. The engineer took six months to develop this punitive object, and it can very easily dissuade a person from the idea of ​​stealing a package that is not intended for them...

Check out the video above to see Mark's invention in action!

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