Renault Trezor: Most Beautiful Concept Car Of 2017 Is Electric, Autonomous

This car by French manufacturer Renault has just been named as the most beautiful concept car of the year! Not only is the design absolutely gorgeous, but it’s electric!

When thinking of the most sleek, jaw-dropping automobiles in the world, it’s not often that we think of the French. This car may change that opinion. Manufactured by Renault, the new Trezor is a true accomplishment – for many reasons. First of all, the car is totally electric. With an electric engine running off two batteries, the Trezor is able to hit a respectable 350 hp.

The exterior is absolutely lush. The car features a carbon body and a clamshell roof that actually lifts to grant access to its passengers – it’s the only visible seam on the car. The interior is dead clean, featuring a matching red windscreen, Gorilla Glass touch screens, and an extendable steering wheel to grant the driver a panoramic view. Honestly, you’ll just have to check out the video for yourself.

Winning the prize in the concept car category at Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este (Competition of Elegance of Villa d'Este) in Italy, the car is due for a commercial release in 2020. Start tucking a few quid away now and you may have enough to cover a payment in two years time.

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