Bill Gates Issues Warning Against Developing This Scientific Technology

While this scientific technology which is in development is already working miracles, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gate has warned us about its existence, which has been too little publicised according to him.

Imagine a world where a ‘simple’ operation on your genes could cure any disease! According to Bill Gates, this world is emerging. Indeed, a Chinese researcher has made impressive progress in creating gene editing!

This new scientific approach would allow scientists to make changes to a person's DNA. In the context of health, this means they would be able to cure various diseases by strengthening the body or repairing a possible defective gene. But for the founder of Microsoft, this topic should be treated as ‘the most important public debate.’ Indeed, in a review of 2018 which is on his personal blog, Bill Gates warns that this technology ‘could worsen inequalities, especially if it is only for the richest.’ A scientific evolution unknown to the general public but that Bill Gates wanted to share to warn about the possible excesses of this scientific technological miracle!

Outstanding scientific progress

Meanwhile, the famous Chinese researcher said he has created the first genetically modified babies. Evidence that gene editing is already at a (very) advanced stage of development, despite the ethical issues that this raises, as Bill Gates has pointed out: ‘I agree with those who say that this scientist has gone too far.’ According to the billionaire, many researchers have called the project ‘worrying’ and ‘unethical.’ ‘But his work can bring something positive if this allows more people to learn and talk about gene editing,’ he continues, however, before concluding: ‘This story is something to follow, because great breakthroughs - some good, others disturbing - are coming,’ So, like Bill Gates, let's keep a close eye on this case.

Check out the video above to find out more about why Bill's so worried...

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