The Inbetweeners' James Buckley Reveals The Shocking Way He Almost Died Whilst Filming This Infamous Episode

It seems we wouldn't have any 'fwends' to reunite as The Inbetweeners cast reveal how a risky maneuver almost killed off a very important cast member whilst filming...

We can all agree that we've seen some crazy, wonderful and absolutely hilarious incidents when it comes to enjoying an episode or two (...or 10) of the good old Channel 4 cracker, The Inbetweeners. However, what happens when something not-so-hilarious happens on-set?

Indeed, it turns out the making process of our favourite Brit sitcom was a little more perilous than one would have expected as cast members open up about the infamous Field Trip episode - and how James Buckley aka sex-pest Jay Cartwright was almost, well, killed.

Whilst the cast-members were on the boat, James had a pretty scary accident that meant the show would turn out very, very differently from how we know it today. Blake Harrison, better known as nice-guy Neil Sutherland, spilled all.

We shall watch the video and mourn the sacrifices the lads of the cast had made in order to produce the hilarity that The Inbetweeners turned out to be, check out the clip for more details...

James Buckley Finally Speaks Out About The 'Disastrous' Inbetweeners Reunion James Buckley Finally Speaks Out About The 'Disastrous' Inbetweeners Reunion