Ahead Of The Inbetweeners Reunion, What Have The 'Fwends' Been Up To Until Now?

Ten years on since the Pussay Patrol first graced our TV screens, what are the boys up to nowadays?

Joe Thomas, 35, did a wonderful job of presenting the love-forsaken chap with the awkward haircut, Simon. Onto bigger and better things, it seems his on-screen romance translated to real life now that hes engaged to Hannah Tointon, better known as Simon's love interest Tara.

His success continued when he landed himself another hit role in a row, starring as Kingsley in student-themed sitcom, Fresh Meat over a period of five years. He also featured in Chicken, White Gold as well Glastonbury-esque comedy, The Festival.

Blake Harrison (Neil Sutherland)

It was difficult not to see Blake, 33, as the dim-witted nice guy, Neil, once our favourite cringe-inducing sitcom had come to an end. However, it seems the actor has gone above and beyond in his on-screen career, starring in several hit series including Death in Paradise, A Very English Scandal and Prime Suspect 1973.

Recognise Snoop's voice in the updated rendition of Bob the Builder? That may be because you've gotten to know The Inbetweeners Neil all too well, with Blake Harrison voicing the animated character after the cartoon had undergone its makeover.

Simon Bird (Will McKenzie)

The Inbetweeners lot wouldn't be the same without the ever-so-geeky 'briefcase wanker' Will, who was played by Simon Bird. Well, he wasn't so geeky after that when he went on to win two British Comedy Awards following his role in the sitcom as well as starring as Ben Miller in American-Canadian comedy film, You, Me and Him. The actor also stretched his skills out whilst performing in West End show, The Philanthropist.

But it seems Simon pulled off the role of Will so well, he hasn't quite managed to shake off the nicknames, pointing out just how active the remarks still are: "Bus wanker. Briefcase wanker. All the wankers. Sometimes just plain old wanker,” he joked.

James Buckley (Jay Cartwright)

Of course, we can't forget Jay - the true puppeteer of the Pussay Patrol thanks to his foul-mouthed, crude and outlandish nature. It seems that James himself feels quite the opposite about when it comes to comparing himself to his on-screen alter-ego: “I liked playing Jay," he recounted. "I don’t think I could be around someone like that for too long, for any extended period of time."

Since our intermittent burst of the 'fwends' in The Inbetweeners movie sequels, James carried on embracing his acting career through roles in Rock & Chips, Zapped and White Gold. Although, he still expresses his fondness for his role as Jay: "It’s good fun to play a character like that, to do stuff, to behave in a way that you’d probably feel too embarrassed or ashamed to in real life," he explains.

We're Getting ANOTHER *Sort Of* Inbetweeners Reunion We're Getting ANOTHER *Sort Of* Inbetweeners Reunion