Myles Stephenson Breaks Silence On Dan Osborne Feud

Following his jungle exit last Thursday, Myles Stephenson has finally broken his silence on his feud with Queen of the Jungle Jacqueline Jossa's husband, Dan Osborne - and he hasn't held back on saying what he really thinks!

Things must have been pretty awkward for Myles Stephenson and Dan Osborne when they finally came face to face at the Palazzo Versace hotel in Australia following Myles' exit from the show.

Dan was enraged when Myles reportedly told his wife that he believes the former TOWIE cast member cheated on her with his ex, Gabby Allen. According to tabloid accounts, Jacqueline was so upset by his words that she was allowed to make an unprecedented call to Dan from the jungle.

Whilst Dan has slammed the reports as untrue, he has also spoken out against Myles, calling him 'the last person on his mind' and mocking the idea that Jac could be attracted to him. He was also conspicuously absent when Myles arrived at the hotel.

Now, Myles has revealed what he thinks of Dan's actions, telling The Sun: 'If you know you've done no wrong, why would you want to knock someone's head off? It's an immature response. He shouldn't get his back up. It makes him look bitter and stupid.'

He also slammed Dan following reports that he told friends he wants to 'knock his head off', saying: 'If he wants to come and try and knock my head off it won't end well. One of us is going to end up in the nick and nobody needs that. He's got two kids here. He should be looking after them.'

This Is What Dan Osborne Wants To Say To Myles Stephenson This Is What Dan Osborne Wants To Say To Myles Stephenson