I'm A Celeb Viewers Are Now Certain The Show Is Fixed

After rumours of I'm A Celebrity being a fix, eagle-eyed viewers spotted yet another detail which supports these claims even more so...

After 16 years of annual jungle-celeb mayhem, could it really be that the show - or at least some important parts of the show are fixed? When Noel Edmunds' departure struck viewers to notice something fishy, it didn't take long for this repeat incident to follow Malique's final appearance in the Jungle.

Indeed, after Noel was voted off in a surprising turn of events, it didn't take viewers long to spot something odd as the campmates were gathered to hear the verdict. Before Noel's name was even called off the show, it appeared that he was the only one with his backback perched on his leg - is that a coincidence?

Perhaps less so after just the same thing happened with Malique. You might have noticed that before the final vote was called out, Malique was already wearing his backback. One viewer rounded it up in one comment: "Noel and Malique both had their bags in hand and were the only ones to do so, is #imaceleb a fix?" It's almost as if he knew...

Despite the increasingly convincing rumours, a television insider has responded strongly and surely to the claims that they are, in fact, completely wrong: "how the celebrities choose to pack up their bags before a vote is their choice," the source explained. "No one knows the outcome until Dec and Holly read it out."

What are we thinking, Jungle fans? Could the rumours be true?

Ian Beale is headed for I'm A Celeb Ian Beale is headed for I'm A Celeb