A Look Back On The Jungle's Most AWKWARD Moments

Who doesn't love the odd cringe here and there on national television? With our annual portion of the Jungle now in full swing, it doesn't hurt to catch the moments where things didn't quite go to plan. After all, we're human, right?

A Look Back On The Jungle's Most AWKWARD Moments
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Aside from watching Britain's famous faces getting thrown outside their comfort zone, toughing it out in the jungle in the lands of Down Under, we do enjoy the scares, the campsite chats as well as the most sufficiently awkward moments of the show.

If Dec burping in Holly's face or Nick admitting that he is terrified of knickers doesn't do the job for you, we've compiled our top five favourite awkward moments from the show thus far. Oh stop it, we know we shouldn't have - but it seems christmas has come early!

Check out the video to see which moments made it on the list!