If you can see the animal in this photo, you must have amazing eyesight!

Can you find the animal hidden in this stunning piece of photography? Check out the video above where we'll give you ten seconds to search before revealing the answer - and we assure you, you'll be pulling your hair out trying to find it!

This photograph, shot by Indian photographer Saurabh Desai, has gone viral as it's sending Internet-users round the bend. At first glance, it looks like a nice picture of a snowy landscape - but on closer inspection you'll see that there's actually a wild animal hiding in plain sight!

The photographer, who had no idea what an effect his image could have, took this picture during his last expedition through the snowy deserts of Himachal Pradesh. Saurabh Desai said, 'Walking through the snowy deserts in search of the "Gray Ghost " was one of the most magical experiences I've ever had.'

The bamboozling snapshot has since been shared all over social media, with people challenging each other to find the hidden creature! These kinds of optical illusions seem to be quite popular recently, with images being shared all over the internet. This one for example is guaranteed to 'break your brain,' while others can determine if you have vision problems.

If you manage to find the animal that hidden in the photo, congratulations! Some experts say that spotting hidden figures like in this photo is a test of intelligence, and that those who can see them have a high IQ!

Check out the video above to see if you can spot it!

Can You See a Silhouette Hidden in This Optical Illusion? Can You See a Silhouette Hidden in This Optical Illusion?