Can You Figure Out This Mind-Boggling Optical Illusion?

Can You Figure Out This Mind-Boggling Optical Illusion?

A new optical illusion is making the rounds on the Internet: two identical photos placed next to each other. However, for many it's hard to believe that these photos are one and the same.

Fancy yourself a good optical illusion? Here’s a new one proposed by a Reddit user by the name of djeclipz. He published a photo of two images of the same street side by side. The title: ‘this is the same photo, side by side. They are not taken at different angles. The sides are the same, pixel for pixel.’

Some people are having a difficult time understanding that however. For a large amount of viewers, the two roads don’t seem to be heading in the same direction or it seems like the photos have been taken at different angles.

Having a tough time believing it yourself? Check out the video and see how it’s proven!

• Stacey Williams
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