An animal is hidden in this picture, will you be able to find it?

This optical illusion hides an important detail, will you find it at first glance?

Ah, the wonders of optical illusions.

Whether they are faint faces or hidden animals, optical illusions remain as fascinating as ever. The one on the menu today comes directly from Twitter.

On April 9, 2021, Ramesh Pandey, an Indian forester agent, challenged Internet users for a very specific reason. On his personal Twitter page, he shared a beautiful wildlife picture with the caption:

What do you see in this picture? Go ahead, zoom in and be amazed.

The picture was also shared a short time before by Manish Singh, another Indian Forest Service officer.

What do you see in this picture?

Internet users love to have a go at challenging optical illusions. So pay attention, and open those peepers wide. What do you see in this highly unusual image? This seemingly banal shot of a cereal field actually hides a great, roaring detail.

If you'll look closely, you can see a magnificent leopard, smack dab in the middle of the wheat stalks. This magnificent shot managed to amass no less than 600 likes on Twitter.

This picture happened thanks to a rescue

But obviously, this photo is not just a happy coincidence, since it has a story. Ramesh Pandey said the image was taken using a drone and carried out as part of a rescue operation for the wild feline. This operation took place in the Bahraich district, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, in the north of the country.

This rescue operation was successful thanks to the participation of 3,000 people who surrounded the wheat field, in which the leopard had been spotted earlier. Then, the team used the drone to great effect, and managed to pinpoint the animal's location. It was eventually put to sleep in order to be captured and transferred to Gorakhpur Zoo for medical treatment.

A beautiful gesture that made for a beautiful image!

Can You Spot The Hidden Animal In This Picture? Can You Spot The Hidden Animal In This Picture?