This Is What Really Became Of The Kid From The Shining

This Is What Really Became Of The Kid From The Shining

Remember Danny, the boy from The Shining? There have been many rumours detailing Danny Lloyd’s—the actor who played Danny—whereabouts as well as claims that he hated his time filming the popular horror flick. Danny finally puts those rumours to rest. 

The Shining may have come out almost 40 years ago back in 1980, but people still talk about the memorable horror flick today, which may or may not be because the sequel, Doctor Sleep will be featured in cinemas very soon.

As most of you know, the notable horror movie is based on Stephen King’s novel, The Shining. Since the release of The Shining fans have begged Stephen King to write another novel about Danny, so King released the sequel, Doctor Sleep in 2013.

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We may know the fate of the fictional Danny, but what about the actor who played the little boy? Where did Danny Lloyd disappear to after The Shining? The actor told the Guardian in 2017, “I once read that I had six kids and was a pig farmer.”

Is this true? And does he hate looking back on filming The Shining? Want to put your curiosity to bed? Check out our video for the answers! 

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