This Is Sydney’s Terrifying Most Haunted Highway

We all know stories about haunted houses. This time, though, it’s a highway that’s full of phantoms—in particular, Wakehurst Parkway in Sydney, Australia, where many claim to have encountered ghosts.

This Is Sydney’s Terrifying Most Haunted Highway
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Australian highways are well known for being long and often dreary at night. Add to that reputation stories of murders and dumped bodies, and the urban legends basically write themselves. That’s certainly the case for Wakehurst Parkway, a highway with a reputation for being haunted.

For years, numerous witnesses have recounted the same unsettling encounters on a stretch of this road. Wipers that won’t work, radios suddenly turning on, and doors that unlock all by themselves: a bit creepy, we’ll admit.

But the story doesn’t stop there! According to the witnesses, one could just as easily encounter not just one, but two ghosts: one of a nun that died over 50 years ago, and the other of a young woman named Kelly who died in the 1970s. Some claim to have even seen Kelly behind their car as they drove on the road. Just in case, we suggest you take an alternate route…