This Classic Horror Film Could Be Heading Back To Cinemas...

The ghostface could make a big comeback in a fifth Scream movie, which is currently being seriously considered by producers.

This Classic Horror Film Could Be Heading Back To Cinemas...
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Scream is surely the most classic slasher in the horror genre. His terrifying mask and his clumsiness for a serial killer have marked the minds of horror movie fans! With four films under its belt already, it looks like the saga could be about to continue with a fifth film.

A fifth film in consideration

During his lifetime, Wes Craven, the director of the quadrilogy, was all for a fifth Scream movie. Unfortunately, he died on August 30, 2015, taking the project with him to his grave. Recently, Jason Blum and Miramax decided to take over the project, since Jason Blum - the owner of production company Blumhouse - is interested in working on a Scream 5.

"We're thinking about it - there is still nothing confirmed for Scream (...) but we're really thinking about it, and that's really something I'm open to," Blumhouse's producer told Cinemablend.

You should know that the Scream saga was also adapted into series, with two seasons currently available. Season 3 is expected to come out soon, even though Netflix and MTV's contract problems are stalling it.

Check out the video above for more on the possible fifth instalment of Scream...