Airbnb: You can stay a year rent-free at this Airbnb in Italy

Airbnb is looking for an adventurer with a passion for hospitality who wants to live rent-free in a refurbished Sicilian villa for a year in exchange for hosting the property.

The renovated townhouse located in the hilltop village of Sambuca is a part of the area's 1 Euro House programme. The programme aims to recruit new residents. It might now be yours to enjoy for the next 12 months. Airbnb revitalised the house in collaboration with an Italian architectural firm Studio Didea, by employing colours that blend in with the surrounding scenery.

The house contains two living rooms, a mezzanine bedroom with a king-size bed, and a huge kitchen. It also has a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and a third-floor living space with a queen-size couch bed. It is a charming antique Italian home with chic decor and a new lease on life.

A new way of travel

The project aims to enhance tourism and attract new temporary inhabitants to the town and expects a candidate who will become a part of the village and its expanding international population and daily life. The lucky winner will not only be able to live in the house for free but will also be able to keep all proceeds from hosting on Airbnb—the ideal side job for individuals wishing to supplement their income. The Mayor of Sambuca di Sicilia, Leonardo Ciaccio said:

We see it as a design makeover for the house and the Host. We're looking for someone who wants to live with the local population and participate in all the important moments of the community, from the grape harvest to olive picking and we can't wait to welcome whoever gets selected!


Candidates must be at least 18 years old and available to relocate to Sambuca for at least three months beginning June 30, 2022. The right person must have conversational English and will study Italian during their stay.

With the rising ability to work and live from anywhere, this one-of-a-kind Sicilian home provides a gorgeous yet sustainable setting for remote working, while also assisting the hamlet of Sambuca in revitalising the neighbourhood. The remodelled townhouse was created with entertainment in mind. You can apply here!

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