While exploring an abandoned nuclear bunker this man made a chilling discovery

The YouTuber Drew Scanlon found his way into an old, abandoned, nuclear bunker and made a surprising discovery.

Better known as the face behind the “white man blinking” meme, he is also a fearless explorer...

In a nuclear bunker found in the town of Pervomaysk in Ukraine (around 300km south of Kiev), the young man found himself on an adventure with some surprising discoveries: the bunker was still equipped for a nuclear attack, containing enough food, water and medical supplies that would last for 45 days after a hypothetical attack.

These survival supplies that were still in the bunker impressed this YouTuber but it was not the most surprising thing he found. After a few minutes of exploring the bunker, Drew came across a console that could launch nuclear missile silos, as well as the button that would initiate this launch! This button could also easily be mistaken for just another button on the console as they looked very similar and not like in typical Hollywood films which show it being huge, red and bearing a warning.

It should also be mentioned that the console needed two separate keys to initiate the launch and codes which would need be sent to soldiers in this bunker by the Kremlin.

Take a look at the video above to see footage of Drew's discovery for yourself...

This Man Made a Shocking Discovery in His Basement This Man Made a Shocking Discovery in His Basement