Usain Bolt And Arnold Schwarzenegger May No Longer Be The Fastest And Strongest Men In History

What were the physical abilities like of prehistoric men? Evolving in a hostile environment and in living conditions that were a lot more complicated than those we live in today; a recent scientific study has proved that these men could actually have rivalled our best athletes today.

Usain Bolt may not be the fastest man in history anymore and Arnold Schwarzenegger may no longer be the strongest. This is because new evidence suggests that present-day athletes aren’t the most powerful in the history of humanity.

Palaeontologists have found 20,000-year-old evidence in Australia that proves the power of prehistoric man. According to their study, the speed that some Homo Sapiens are said to have run at is faster than the speed that Usain Bolt has ever achieved.

Physically superhuman performances

By measuring the distance between footprints and the size of one of the Homo-Sapiens, we know that they ran at a speed of 37.3km/h. The top speed reached by the Jamaican sprinter was 37.5 km/h, but you need to take into account the fact that prehistoric men travelled and roamed around in bare feet while wearing animal skins that weighed several kilos!

Palaeontologist Peter MacAllister did the calculations that shows that a Neanderthal woman could have actually beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger in an arm-wrestle. But why? Because of their daily lifestyle, prehistoric humans worked every single inch of their bodies.

Whereas today however, athletes work to strengthen specific groups of muscles. And our modern conveniences mean our bodies aren’t accustomed to building up natural reinforcements from birth like in the olden days…

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