This Is What Became Of The Little Girl From The Famous Vietnam War Photo
This Is What Became Of The Little Girl From The Famous Vietnam War Photo
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This Is What Became Of The Little Girl From The Famous Vietnam War Photo

What happened to the little girl burned with napalm in the Vietnam War? Decades after this historical photo was taken, here's what the symbol of the Vietnam War is up to now.

This woman's face may be unknown to you, and yet, you've almost certainly already seen it. In the famous Associated Press picture, photographed by Nick Ut. In this photo, taken on June 8th, 1972, Kim Phúc appears at the age of 9, naked, terrorised and burned. She was fleeing her village after an American raid that dropped napalm bombs on her home in Vietnam.

This shocking photo became symbolic of the Vietnam war as it showed to the world the true horror of the war. The famous image shows the aftermath of a bombing in which Kim Phúc received third-degree burns and two of her cousins and two other villagers were killed. Afterwards, she was taken to hospital in Saigon by the photographer Nick Ut. Her injuries were so severe that doctors didn't believe that she would survive. However, after over a year in the hospital and 17 surgical procedures, she was finally able to go home. It wasn't until an operation in Germany in 1982, however, that she was finally able to properly move.

Kim Phúc went on to study medicine at university in the 1980s but her studies were interrupted as the Communist Vietnam government removed her from the course to use as a propaganda symbol. She was eventually able to continue her studies in Cuba, where she went on to meet her husband.

After marrying in 1992, the newlyweds were granted political asylum in Canada after they got off their plane to Moscow at a refuelling stop in Newfoundland. The following year, they became Canadian citizens and have lived there ever since.

Kim Phúc has made many speeches about her experiences and about forgiveness. She also established the Kim Phúc Foundation to provide medical and psychological support to children who are affected by war.

Today, Kim Phúc Phan Thi is peace ambassador for UNESCO. At 52, she lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband. Burned on one-third of her body, she is still trying to heal her wounds. She has asked Nick Ut, who immortalised her suffering to also take pictures of her healing process.

Take a look at the video above to see more of Kim Phúc's incredible life story.

By Erin Doe

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