They made an incredible discovery while hiking in the woods

Ethan Field and Ron Campbell certainly did not expect to find such a relic when walking through the forest.

They made an incredible discovery while hiking in the woods
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It was a walk like any other, in the Columbia River Gorge forest (United States), which was transformed into a true historical discovery. Ethan Field and Ron Campbell, two friends from Oregon, dug up a camerahidden in the rocks under a layer of soil.

A remnant of the Cold War

But it is not just any camera, since it was an Exakta model produced more than 60 years ago - according to initial estimates, it was manufactured between 1957 and 1963—with an inscription indicating ‘Made in East Germany/USSR occupied territory.’ A real remnant of the Cold War.

If they manage to retrieve the photos taken on the camera then perhaps we could expect to get a glimpse of a past that that was such an important time in history.

The two men now have two missions: to retrieve all the photos and find the owner of the camera. Although it won't be the easiest task to achieve, it sounds like an endeavour worth tackling.

Take a look at the video above to see more of the fascinating Cold War era camera for yourself!