The Bent Pyramid In Egypt Is Finally Getting Ready To Reveal Its Secrets...

The Bent Pyramid is one of the oldest pyramids ever to be built in Egypt. Other than its age, it can be distinguished from the others by its unique shape and smooth walls. The government has just opened the doors of this pyramid to the general public so they can discover its mysterious rooms for themselves.

The secrets of the pyramids are among the best kept secrets in Egypt. Every year, tourists flock by the thousands to marvel at their mysteries. And now, a new building will be opening its doors: the Bent Pyramid that was built in 2,600 BC in honour of Pharaoh Sneferu.

Situated in the Egyptian countryside, this pyramid can be easily identified because of its unique shape: its smooth sides that have eroded over time, giving it an almost bent structure. It owes its sloped appearance to the plan revision it received while it was being built which includes two burial chambers. In fact, while it was being built, they decided to change the initial angle from 54 degrees to 43 degrees after faults started to become apparent.

Goal: boost tourism

Opened for the first time in 1956, this pyramid is once again getting ready to reveal all its secrets to the general public. The Egyptian government decided to open not only its galleries, but also its burial chambers to everyone. The goal: to boost tourism, particularly in the areas of Egypt that aren’t as common for tourists to visit. Located south of Giza, this burial complex still doesn’t receive many visits from the general public.

The bent pyramid is one of the three buildings belonging to this burial complex that was erected in honour of Pharaoh Sneferu. According to the local authorities, it could even hold his remains.

‘Exactly where he was buried, we are not sure of that,’ admits Mohamed Shiha, director of the site.

‘Maybe in this pyramid, who knows?’ But for now, the mystery remains...

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